Before *post*-metaphysical spirituality - enough realiably coherent mental health

At Integral Life Community website there is a good and informative reminder about the ongoing challenges for most of us, maybe each of us, to be and become quite intimate with our own scintillating psychologies. As we scintilate in and out of multiple surrounding and imbuing life contexts and in and out of aspects of ourselves (especially as we endeavor to own more of our hidden-to-ourselves nature and potentials), must we not be open to questioning our own psychosocial and spiritual health, as well as those of other situations and people.

Mark Foreman and Keith Witt, lisecnced psychologists and integrally articulate community members look at "The Spectrum of Brokenness: What to Do When You're Dealing With a Personality Disorder, and they range further into other features of mental and AQALly comprehensive health. It is quite well done, and it is a free sound cloud offering.

Though this conversation is more to the professional side, it also becomes clear that within the landscapes of our own biasing minds and our own cultivated circles of exposure, we too can become tweaked and busted and limited, eh :)

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Triangulating is not even enough. If we don't want a less than cartoonishly simple sketch of reality. My comment now, though, is triangulating my above post, here, from yesterday.

From the state and condition in which I awoke this morning, and of which I am still skirting the edges of, my tone of suggestion of value would be different, if I even managed to review it. I was feeling, as a questionable summarizing presentation yesterday, that "it is quite well done." I want to own that I don't settle in the same conclusion at this time. Not to say that it isn't quite good, and not to say that it is.

The scintillating of our psychologies, of my psychology here and there, in and out, this way that way, that I referred to yesterday, has brought scintillae of doubt upon the neatness of the psychological view.

I'll stop here before I find myself expressing my lostness, my personality dis-integration to an embarrassing extent.

But, I'll bet you a quarter that beginning in an hour and a half when I enter the ocean water for surfing, my biopsychosocial manner of presentation will be different about the psychospiritual assessment of what was said. Whoops, I feel my outlook changing already.

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