Hymn to Participation

Participation is the song of creation.
Participation is the whispering of life unfolding.
Participation is the common thread of all evolution.
Participation is the common prayer of amoebas and angels.
Participation is the oxygen fuelling the process of transcendence.
Participation is the song of our individual experience.

Whenever life emerges participation blossoms
As the joy of life,
As the bond of solidarity,
As the pool from which all living beings drink,
As the yeast promoting growth and maturity.

When life discovered the meaning of participation
It had discovered its most important modus for growth.
Utterly simple and utterly profound is the meaning of participation.
Nothing happens in evolution without participation.
The language of solidarity is the language of participation.

To be aware is to participate.
To be asleep is to be estranged from participation.
To be alive is to sail on the wings of participation.
To be morose is to have one’s wings of participation clipped.

Love is the deepest form of participation.
Where there is love there is participation.
Loveless participation is an anemic involvement.
To participate is the first step to loving.

How deeply can you enter into the immensity of the universe?
As deeply as you can embrace it in the arms of your participation.
Everything else is a mere shadow. The real thing
Is our immense journey of becoming through participation.

~ Henryk Skolimowski

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