some likely features and factors of the rare arising from normal vision to "visionary"

Since, "We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors," and since we exist within a we-space as a fish exists in water, and since we biobeings are for the most part produced and reproduced as "normal" and within "normalities", and because all language, it seems, is subject to some persistent structural thread, there may be little "new under the sun."

This TED talker's researcher goes with the term "originals." Originals (as indicated by the lead-in sentence, we know that originality is only partial) are people who become known for being creative and maybe thereby for being cultural creatives.

As much as any group of people, those who are moved by integral considerations could have a relative abundance of originality. Sort of, eh.

There won't be anything totally new as you hear this, I think, yet I imagine the simple picture that Adam Grant draws can be encouragement for us to embrace some of our potentially constructive quirks and production-glitches with greater acceptance. Hah. And such.

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I'll place this quote attributed to Nietzsche, here. He might say the same about "originals" and "cultural creatives."

I am amused by and like this quote :)

"The visionary lies to himself [herself], the liar only to others."

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