oohhh - would that we could fly,

in our dreams be free,

frictionless as fulfilled desire,

feeling the roughness

of contact

at will.


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Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps between Italy and France, with an elevation of 15,782 ft.
The mountain made the news in 2007, when fifty paragliders landed on the summit, and in 2009 when a gold medal Olympian fell to her death while snowboarding.
This video is of the long descent of six paragliders, filmed in what appears to be one continuous shot, with wonderful work by the helicopter and cameraman!
The soundtrack is from the composition "I Give Up" written and performed by Elijah Bosserbroek.
The film won an award at the 2009 Banff Mountain Film Festival (Best Short Mountain Film).
10 minutes long.

Beautiful.  Thank you for posting this, Ambo.  There was a strange (annoying) stagger in the film -- perhaps a problem with my player -- but the footage was gorgeous, and the feeling of flying was visceral and elemental (evoking my flying dreams).  How close we have come to being individually-capable flying beings.

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