I know you may think it quite brazen of me to jump in and make a post after not participating so long here. "Who does this guy think he is?!"

And yes, socially, that would probably be an accurate assessment. But the aspberger's tendency in me pushes for philosophical clarification more than it does social appropriateness.

And if there was ever an egghead place of forgiveness of social innappropriateness, I should think it would be HERE!  

Part of the reason I havn't been here for a while is that I have been trying to help keep the Integral Life site alive long enough for a revival of it. It is too good to die. If I can help it live, I will. The other part of my non-participation is my own book writing projects, which have kept me busy and have contributed to long breaks from this site and the Integral Life site as well. 

Here is the philosophical clarification that came to me today. Not a terribly new insight, but quite a bit clearer

from a comment at the Integral Life site: 

Laughing ...

... Notice how I laughed at the Integral "rule" not to conflate quads. As I have said SO many times, the separation of quads makes sense when we are thinking like matter, looking from the overall perspective of the realm of classical objects (which we have a habit of calling "reality"). But convergence of quads makes sense if we look through the lens of a quantum substratum of total reality. The "rules" change when we include ontological (actual) depth in the equation. Philosophically an Integralist might call this a metaphysical assumption, a "given," and rail against the use of this arbitrary structuring of operational realities. Or he or she would say that too much weight is being given to the UR and LR quads, since quantum physic's interpretations come from those quads. The Integralist may show his or her postmodern leanings by insisting we not allow science to bully our Beauty (which for the postmodernist is always in the eye of the beholder, but worthwhile anyway).  Science and technology, after all, are part of "the man." Screw "the man!" 

But I think the quantum physics part of "the man," must be honored, because it seems to serve the liberation of the UL awe-fully well. Obviously I fall in the "quantum consciousness" camp. To me, quantum consciousness includes but transcends Integral theory. 

It also includes but transcends standard "Christianity." But it in no way de-values either Integralism or Christianity. At least not for me. I value both these other two schools of thought. And use them both quite liberally. 

Just a bit of philosophical clarification. Mostly for my future self which might "forget" this lucid moment. 


- See more at: https://www.integrallife.com/node/267711#comment-63106

Are there any "quantum consciousness" adherents here? Or is that "camp" antithetical to the predominate view here? I actually have studied VERY LITTLE the quantum consciousness perspective. Basically I have only read so far Arnold Mindell's lay-oriented book about it called Dreaming While Awake. But he is a representative of that school of thought. Assuming that he is a reasonably good representative, my depth-dynamic spirituality approach seems to best match that "camp." 

Does anyone mind if I pitch a tent here?!  


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