History Channel: Did the Ancient Isreali's Have Sound Wave Technology?

hahahahahahaha. so the isreali's apparently had a sonic weapon that brought down jerocho. television has become not much different than youtube. aliens, ancient astronauts, nostrodamus, 2012. the "outdoor life" network here in canada has resorted to spotlighting haunted houses where people set up cameras and microphones inside houses. perhaps this is material that PMS might consider?

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kebabs! kebabs! two for a drakma. two for a drak.........gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! croak.

xibalba said:

my theory about the crucifixion of Jesus is as follows:  Jesus and his friends started to sell very cheap kebab from the galilee area prior the easter week, and that literally enraged the high priests Kaifas who had control over the price market in Jerusalem- Any comments?

euhermism: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euhemerus


i really dislike euhermism. but i like creative euhermist accounts. here is my favorite:


the various plagues of exodux can be explained by a series of volcanic and seismic occurences in north east africa and the mideast. if a major seismic episode hit the rift valley -- which contains a major fault line -- it could easily release large amouts of iron oxide into the watershed, which includes the nile. "rivers of blood." also if the land around the sea of reeds (which is not the red sea) were raised enough in a techtonic episode, it might appear as if they had traversed across a sea when in fact they had traversed a ground that had been raised up and in which a 'sea' no longer exists. "parting of the waters." "and there was a plague of frogs" -- waterspouts, due to changing weather patterns as a result of vocanic eruptions, suck frogs out of swamps and deposit them down the line. a well known phenomenon actually. "and there was a plague of locusts" -- changing weather patterns due to volcanic eruptions bring about grasshopper explosions. "and the first born among the egyptians shall be wiped out but not aomng the jews." my favorite. earthquakes along the rift valley have been known to release noxious gasses from the earth's crust, and in the recent past whole villages have been wiped out due to this. that's a fact. now get this: in ancient egypt, the egyptians would have lived in the lowlands while the jews would have lived in the higher grounds. and in an egyptian household the oldest lived closest to ground on an bunk. so if a noxious gas had invaded the town, it would the have wiped out those closest to the ground where the gas crept along, the posionous gas being heavier than air. "and so your first born shall die." hahahaha. 




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