I dig science and research. I also like the frissons where what we felt was possible in the cosmos and life meets what is apparently not possible. I suppose it is a rare place where the metaphysics of adjacency seems to require a person to go meta to accommodate an insolvable problem. Something like that.

Regardless, of whether that preface works or not, here is some research where there suddenly comes a high level assuredness that a scientific and mathematical problem can not be solved, apparently, ever. This example involves quantum physics' attempt to understand the non-predictability of how matter in some circumstances behaves and doesn't behave.

This article says it better - the details are way over my head:

A mathematical problem underlying fundamental questions in particle and quantum physics is provably unsolvable, according to scientists at UCL, Universidad Complutense de Madrid -- ICMAT and Technical University of Munich.
It is the first major problem in physics for which such a fundamental limitation could be proven. The findings are important because they show that even a perfect and complete description of the microscopic properties of a material is not enough to predict its macroscopic behaviour.
A small spectral gap -- the energy needed to transfer an electron from a low-energy state to an excited state -- is the central property of semiconductors. In a similar way, the spectral gap plays an important role for many other materials. When this energy becomes very small, i.e. the spectral gap closes, it becomes possible for the material to transition to a completely different state. An example of this is when a material becomes superconducting.

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I like how these two smart scientist-teachers slice through the epistemological-ontological root burl that is our seeing into what is.

For such a succinct 15 minute conversation a lot of familiar words and phrases and theories are heard as they start looking through the lens of a 'world' that is "fine tuned."

Gravity, cosmological constant related to anti-gravity, black holes, megaverse/multiverse, vastness beyond vast in size, dna, landscapes, bubbles, strings, God, accident, and so on.

As I ride on the bus to a nearby town, I can place this YouTube link into this existing discussion thread:


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