A couple months ago, I told Lol I was planning to purchase a mixer for my computer so I could improve the quality of the songs / videos I was making.  I finally purchased one, and this is my first attempt -- a meditative song using my cedar flute and the sound of a spring thunderstorm.


[UPDATE:  View my latest revision of the video below here: Cedar Rain (Revised).]




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Gracias, Davidu!

Yeees! This is becoming...so soulful. I heard, in my mind's ear, drums at the end. This could make it tacky, or predictable, but nonetheless, that's what I heard. Indian drums, full power, coming slowly, and then full power. Then going away, like when the storm is finished, and back to quiet and meditative flute.





Wow, you must have heard the traces of my former edits in there!  At the end, I tried several versions with a drum track -- building different rhythms using the most natural tones I could find on a "beatbox" program -- but didn't find one that quite satisfied me, so I pulled it out at the last minute.  I also considered using a deerhoof rattle I have, but alas, couldn't find the rattle yesterday when I was working on this.  But since you heard that, maybe another version is in order before too long.  I'll keep playing with this.  Tabla would definitely be nice, but I'd want to find a real player rather than using samples for something like that.  If I played the drums myself, I'd have to do something like the Korean changgo, which is one of the only drums I've got any skill with.


Thanks for the feedback, P.

Should have been working, made a song instead today...


Hi Brother Bruce!,

Just loved this, listened /viewed this on my stand by MacBook Air, because my old standard PC seems to have finally died.  The high definition setting provided stunning visuals, that I was't used to, and the haunting flute seemed to penetrate somewhere deep.  The panning across the still photos really gave me the alive sense of movement... a trip to a far away place, magical, rooted, and primal.  Another winner brother!

Best wishes,


Hi, David!  Thank you for your feedback on this.  I kept the flute melody very simple, and have been thinking it's too simple and I need to go back and maybe rearrange this and introduce more variety and complexity, so I'm glad to hear you still were able to feel something deep with it.  This is the first song my son also has spontaneously remarked on.  He said, "I like it.  It makes me feel sleepy.  Not boring sleepy, good sleepy."  I can be happy with that.  :-)

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