Dilemmas and challenges teaching kids re Trump. Conventional edu concerns?<br /> http://time.com/4449307/donald-trump-character-teaching-students/


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Comment by Ambo Suno on August 20, 2016 at 5:46am
This morni I also, from a different angle, wondered if the around the globe media presentation of the circus, the morally-ethically corrupt subterfuges, the 'modern/post-modern election campaign process would not have some educational benefit. Some learning about pluralisms violences, resolutions, containments. Maybe also learning about the human minds challenges to hear, see, and imagine so many perspectives with personalities that in most ways can feel crazy-making. I have been wondering a lot about my own crazyesque reactions and processing.

Something like that.
Comment by Ambo Suno on August 20, 2016 at 5:36am
Hi - what caught my eye and occupied my attention enough to post it as a personal psycho-blurb here was not any great insight or new info, but it was being reminded that this campaign and the surrounding ideational swirl & cultural turbulenc, even before the new governing body is elected, is influencing children. It probably affects a lot in them. In various ways, some more than others. When I read this I felt a little sad and worried about the propagation and multigenerational magnification of exaggerated polarities and divisions and aggressions. Well, daah, but what a shame.
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