well he did it at last.

He couldn´t help it, the obsession was too overwhelming, too burning his "soul", this Christ knight idiot.  Like the temptation of Saint Anthony in the desert when rocks became nymphs.


And then the same structure immediately reacted thousands of miles away amond illiterate talibans, and bloodily.


Gee it goes very fast today, that butterfly effect.

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Gee it goes very fast today, that butterfly effect.

Yes it certainly does. Sometimes constructively, and sometimes destructively.

This latest Terry Jones chain of events has me feeling discouraged and down today. It's distressing that such an ignorant and misguided attention-grabber with a small flock of followers can spark something so deadly. It's also an example how unprepared we are, as a species, for the implications of our technology and the access to information it enables.

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