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At that occasion, it could be interesting to discuss the roman catholic church´s metaphysical persistance at giving labels of saintety to the members of its organisation and declaring through that  procedure some sort of universal legimity of its version of christianism and religious system as such.

This practice is malevolent because it systematically excludes 4/5 of human beings, "members" of other faiths.

What is a saint?

What does this term mean for a postmodern interpretation of spirituality?

what sort of underlying strategies (political, cultural,..) are behind these forms of utterances or discourses?

The ecumenical message of John Paul is hypocritical because it doesn´t take into consideration the "sanctification" of non-christians . What about giving the label of saintety to the Dalai Lama, or a beatification degree to the Chan Masters Lin chi or Hui Neng,  Ramana Maharshi, och Rumi?


Through this ritualistic message, this church has clearly shown its basically agressive, intolerant, imperialistic and logocentric face.






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critics have also pointed to how quickly the process of john paul's sanctification is taking vis a vis how slowly the church dealing with the sexual abuse issue.

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Sure it is highy correlated, This pope, Ratzinger, is an ultra-conservative. He has succeeded a re-integrate within the corpus of the Church, the old dissent movement created by the late archebishop, monseigneur Lebfèvre, sicne 1977. This man never accepted the relative "liberal" reforms promoted at the time of the council of Vatican II in 1965. This members of this movement called integrists, traditionalists in France, they are 150 000, many of them are ven sedevacantists, which means they deny the legitimacy of the pontificat to the actual popes since John XXIII and Paul VI, accused of heresy and apostasy because of their renouncing to keep the tridentine mess as main ritual, The priest is no longer obliged to bear the traditional black robe, and worst the new church is ecumenical, in its desire to establish

a dialogue with other religions. This movement is ultrareactionary, it is the home of old Vichy collaborators and milicians, of ex- french members of SS divisions, of the nostalgics of the Ancient Regime, anti-republican, fans of old fascist Franco. It celebrates each year a mess for the rest of the soul of the decapitated king Louis XVI.

Marine le Pen has baptized all her kids in one of those churches in Paris, they illegally besieged an took by force

in 1977. ahahahah


That´s the way of Ratzinger.






Matthew Fox has a new book criticizing the Pope(s) (John Paul and Ratzinger) entitled The Pope's War.  Here's a blurb on it by Michael Dowd.

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