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well better to sound like rousseau instead of Dick cheney or Krauthammer or Arafat or any sort of war monger
with your atttitude there will be never be any peace, pobrecito.

I don´t like your unconditional support of the Likud gang and their crazy settlements in territories they have occupied. It looks they behave the same way as the whites did by stealing it from the natives in the US.

I never heard a good word from you for the palestinians. Very strange. Why do hate the arabs? So these people don´t deserve having thir own state?

you haven´t changed since the beginning we spoke strated to speak of this conflict de merde.


well my dick feels well, no problem.

well I was joking on the throwing stones of devil´s wall. hahahah
but you don´t answer yourself. you sound like the main problem in peace building is the palestinians themselves, you deny the obviousness that some israelis are truly racists, that israeli arabs are second-class citizens. This is as we say in french a secret of Polichinelle which means a ridiculously obvious fact. ahhahh
this is a bit too much, man, nobody can be wrong 100% all the time as KW uses to say.

why should I specially love the arabs?
I don´t.
I´ve been in the middle-east thrice and I am certainly no friend of cultural habits like putting a niqab to women, their sexual hypocrisy sucks.

My brother´s kids are jews because according to the hebrew religious law, if the mother is jew than the children are automatically jews, So I assume It is pretty difficult then to be antisemite with such family constellation, isnt´it? ahhahah

I know you dislike Chomsky and Finkelstein but to give them self-hating jews labels like it is very common in US medias is pretty infantile. I find them cool.

I am looking for the day when the US conservative deputies stop to hypocritically go banana on defending Israel as a knee-jerking reflex and do as Obama does, telling the israelis to get straight on that issue and sit down at the negociation table and bring constructive solutions.

PS: this is totally irrelevant for the friends of this forum
The Conrad and Elias maddafuckas of the lightmind forum were both expert at antisemite labelling as well as a bunch of ann coulter fascistoid lovers moffos, anytime to avoid constructive discussions btw. Such a bardo, geesa,

And of course these idiots were wrong on the Irak issue, I still can recall their amazing arrogance at the beginning of the war, ahahhaa. And if you disagreed, you were shut off. A perfect example of conservative openness. I am so well routinized on that with cons yanks nowadays.

I made Elias quite mad at me in the end. ahahhahah

Enough of that insanity.

I am interesting in the peace building aspect. This is the primary issue. the ending of the conflict, not about who the fuck was the first there or if Moses was egyptian or not.
BTW that so called neocon "pundit" Charles Krauthammer is amazingly quite on the Mexico gulf ecological catastrophe?

wasn´t he a champion of off-shore exploitation during the last presidential election campaign?
such a genius. He shoud be made morally responsibe for all that crazy propaganda he ignitied and the disastrous consequences we see today, moffo.

please as a message to that oil club: US, russia, danmark, Norway, China, etc..
off with your hands from Greenland and the artic sea you assholes.
surely you guys are aware that the semites make up at least 4 groups of people and that the pedestrian use of anti-semite is factually erroneous:)
the islamic poor are some of the most destitute on earth because the lslamic elite (like all elites) care nothing for the poor; and the islamic elite today are funded by oil.....which leads me to the last point: the movie, 'there will be blood,' was allegorical in the sense that the lead character represents the petro-chemical elite who care nothing about anything other than their own profit driven motives and the pastor in that movie represents the toxic relationship between big oil and corporate religion......

so, hiring wall st. advertising firms to spin the petro-chemical industry as environmentally responsible is as big a lie as one can buy into on this planet.....

the peak-oil scenario does seem to make a lot of sense when one considers the risks being taken with ocean drilling, tar-sands, arctic/antarctic exploration; plus invasion wars to oil rich countries that can produce easily accessible light crude......but don't get me wrong, i like sharks, they do what's in their nature, i just don't like sharks in minnows clothing:(
serious claims require serious proof: so, hiring wall st. advertising firms to spin the petro-chemical industry as environmentally responsible is as big a lie as one can buy into on this planet.....

there you have it!

and for all the lovelock nuclear advocates: what if this was an inevitable nuclear carbon free meltdown of a reactor?

houston, we have a serious problem.........
these last 2 posts have been brought to you by the voluminous and ubiquitous automobile sales dealerships who's advertising of their product shows up everywhere and anywhere! i especially love it when a david suzuki/al gore piece is sponsored by bmw and such:)

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