Evan Thompson - 2 self-stories

  • DavidM58

    Thinking out loud here - a process and a set of conjunctive relationships, perhaps?  As indicated by the phrase "immersed in the environment." How about "the self is a process-relational activity always in flux"?

    I assume there is a typo there that should read "enacted through perception"?

  • DavidM58

    This may be relevant: Edwyrd just posted a link to a Balder post, and under that I found Balder quoting Edwyrd.  So now it's me quoting Balder quoting Edwyrd (I think!):

    But what is unfolded and remembered-anticipated is how an entity selectively organizes its structural elements in relation to its environment. This can and does change in response to these relations, but even when it changes it maintains a relatively stable endo-relational structure to maintain autonomy.