Wild Knot

Illustration from ITC 2015 paper, Integral In-Dwelling

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  • Edward theurj Berge

    From the FB discussion:

    Me: So what's at the center where the perspectives meet? Khora?

    Balder: This is an example of a 'wild knot' which has no terminal point, but converges on an infinite folding.

  • Edward theurj Berge

    Me: When I said 'center' of the diagram our language suggests A point. But the idea of Khora is that it is spacing itself which pre-positions all points (or in this case perspectives), not any particular point in space. Hence as this diagram is infinitely and reiteratively folding, khora is that 'space between' whose center is everywhere and circumference nowhere. Or as Wilber likes to wax poetic, the paper upon which it is written.

  • Edward theurj Berge

    It is not only wild but a naughty knot. Or as I sang in one of my old songs, The Three Veils of Negative Existence:
    That's right, that's right, nothing

    And not just nothing, but no nothing
    And not no nothing neither

    Sort of like the 10 ox herding pictures, where after the path one again enters the common marketplace. And again, like the emptiness of emptiness (non)doctrine, or like our friend differance, the transcendental condition of all opposition. Interestingly, the values assigned to the three veils are 0, with three of them being OOO. Hence my current fascination with finding a homeomorphic equivalence with object-oriented ontology.