I had mentioned earlier that one of the books on my reading list was The Coming Interspiritual Age, by David Ord and Kurt Johnson.  I was reading it in pre-publication form, but it has been published now and is currently in the top 20 of Amazon's bestselling books on spirituality.  The authors' take on translineage, integral spirituality and the nature of mystical experience is somewhat different than mine -- some of it seems to be in line with views I critiqued in some recent papers -- but I nevertheless gave it a good endorsement (which appears in the published version) since it is exploring valuable and relevant territory for IPS and Integral in general (emergent forms of religious practice in our complex, intercultural, hybridizing age) and I want to support work of this kind being done.

Here's a brief interview about the book.

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Thanks, Bruce. Looks like a wonderful book; I'll have to check it out some time. I smiled when I saw the mention of Br. Wayne Teasdale.

Using slightly different language, my pastor gave a homily on this subject last Sunday, as part of his reflection on the story of the Epiphany (the magi bringing gifts to Jesus) -- how each person, each tradition must be free to "follow the star" that appears before them ... that we can trust that God uses many languages and many ways to guide us, in all our diversity, where we are to go. I bet he would love this book.

Here's a (free) audio recording of Wilber's interview of one of the authors of this book, Dr. Kurt Johnson.

Here's a link to a Youtube channel on interspirituality, featuring Kurt Johnson, Rory McEntee, Adam Bucko, and others.

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