Has anyone here heard before of the Samadhi Integral center, where Dr. Daniel Brown (co-author of Transformations of Consciousness) is a primary teacher?  It is described as an "Integral Life Practice" center, and apparently they employ a mix of modalities there, from Buddhist Zen and Mahamudra Meditation, to Hindu yoga (Ramanana Maharshi, Sri Aurobindo), to Integral Psychotherapy and Wilber's Integral Theory, to various forms of body work and acupuncture, etc.


I'm surprised to just be learning about this now, and am wondering why I haven't heard of it before from Integral Life or other Integrally related centers.


In any event, this looks like quite a promising "center" for Integral spiritual practice.  If I had discovered this when I was younger, I probably would have packed my bags and headed there without hesitation.  :-)


Here's a link to Daniel Brown's personal web page: Pointing Out Way.


And here's a link to a book of his I've browsed through at the book store, and had intended to purchase but never got around to it:  Pointing Out the Great Way

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Yeah, me too. Ha Ha . . . how did I miss this one? I see Dustin is part of their crew, also. Looking forward to the release of his book.
Thanks Bruce :)
Great links, Bruce. Thanks!
This place looks fantastic. Thanks for the link Bruce.

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