kela's string quartet arrangement of Gangsta's Paradise

He's my arrangement, for string quartet, of Gangsta's Paradise that I was commissioned to write, with my quartet playing and me on viola. Enjoy:

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That was a treat, Kela; thanks!

Very cool, Kela.  Nice to hear you; it sounds great.

It was recorded by the cellists' cell phone and we were all basically sight-reading the animal at rehearsal, so it's not intended to be studio quality or even Youtube quality. And it was commissioned -- it's not my fav song or anything. It does, though, designate a new direction -- a movement toward arranging I've been taking lately. My eyesight is going so I need other artistic venues and means of support besides playing/teaching.

Sorry I have not been contributing lately. The Dark Night has been deepening. But I do remember ya'll, and just wanted ya to know: I'm still kickin.'

the kela

So get your asses in the studio and let's hear it then.

Yeah, what theurj said!  i'm glad to hear you're still kickin', kela-ji.

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