This paper depicts socio-economic and environmental consequences of current design of capitalism, highlights the prevalent collective blind-spot on the implications of exponential math in a world careening out of control, formulates an integrally informed model of investing with full cognizance of the need for sustainability (as per Brundtland’s definition) and substantiates with a real life case of AQAL Capital in the asset class of venture investing. 

Among current movements towards sustainable business practices are listed GABV in banking, IIRC in corporate reporting, the UN PRI (Principles for Responsible Investing) and the GIIN (Global Impact Investing Network) principles.

The 6P model of integral investing; The Parity of People, Planet, Profit with Passion and Purpose uses the AQAL framework for metrics

Most people ascribe the problem to unhealthy practices such as crony capitalism and power hunger for dominance etc. but overlook the flaws at level of design – fractional reserve banking, interest bearing debt-based money, consumption oriented growth imperatives, product obsolescence-driven resource depletion, and technological unemployment. I would add these 5 structural-systemic features to the ones listed on page 9, which are more behavioural-cultural in nature, and I think a reference to those matters would make the analysis complete, even though the current investing model is premised on the as-is monetary system.


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