I got some good news yesterday.  I had created a class on Integral Spirituality, which I taught this quarter as an elective subject.  Yesterday, I was informed that the department has decided to make my class a required course for the program.


The class concluded yesterday.  I really enjoyed it.  We explored a number of perspectives and topics, including New Story/evolutionary spirituality, and various postmetaphysical and participatory approaches.  For our final class, we did a collective ceremony or "Integral spiritual service," with various rituals, music, meditations, qi gong practices, etc.  It went quite nicely, filling me with a lot of energy, and I ended up dreaming all night about being able to float and coast through the air.  :-)

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So has our inquiry in your IPS pod(s) contributed to any of the curriculum? Will the class be open to the general public or just registered students in a JFKU program?
Yes, definitely, our inquiries here have contributed to it -- especially to the "recommended reading" list! I had intended at first for the class to focus entirely on postmetaphysical spirituality, but at my supervisor's recommendation, I changed the focus to integral spirituality, and just included a component on postmetaphysics. It was an 8-week course this time around, but they've asked me now to make it an 11-week course, so I'll get to expand it for next year and include a bit more material.

To my knowledge, the class is only open to enrolled JFKU students. I'd wanted to make the "ceremony" portion public this time around, but couldn't arrange for that in time. I want to aim for that next time around, if the students are open to it.

Through the class, I've received an invitation to come teach/lecture at some local venues. We'll see. I'll let you know if I follow up on that.
Hey. . . Kudos, Bruce.
Nothing like a captive audience, eh? :-)
And, OMG, even a little dreamtime 'Yogic Flying'?
Love it when a plan comes together.
Congrats Bruce.

If anyone deserves this kind of recognition it's you.

Davidu said:
Great news brother B. Not that surprised that they want you big time! More and More. :-)
Best wishes
What wonderful news, Bruce! But I'm not surprised -- I knew this was what was in store for you!

Thank you, Doug, James, David, Mary... :-) I've enjoyed it so far and look forward to seeing how it shapes up next year.

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