Here is a link I found on I.L. :

I started this thread as a repository for any movements in this direction as I think it could only be beneficial in any long run. Seeing as both spectrums are so toxic today it might behoove us to keep open the idea of a healthier conservatism/republicanism. If the right cannot ever switch to the left then all we have to hope for is a maturity within the right. I don't see the rights move of bringing toxic religious doctrines into the political field as being good for humanity in any long run. Wrong move folks! Christianity was never meant to be politicized in the way it is today. Keep the state separate from the church, period !

I noticed an article by Kenny on the same page. 

I am wondering about the monied Republicans, too, and was wondering how they could develop any further up any developmental ladders. How do you get these folks to go green? Investment in Green entrepreneurialism?

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I don't see that he explicitly advocates neoliberalism, but he does promote conscious capitalism. That's his integral economy, where I've said before it's more like orange exit-green enter. Stable green was the social-democratic and democratic-socialist meme in northern Europe. The Commons as described by Rifkin, still incipient, is green exit-yellow enter. When/if it's the predominant economic system in 50 years or so we'll have entered the stable yellow socio-economic meme, which will pull up the general level of consciousness like it's already doing with the greens.

Hence the likes of the EU progressive right is pulling up orange into green, a mixed meme blessing/curse.

As to the IL article that opened the thread referencing Haidt, see this discussion of Harris v. Haidt.

Regarding Zimmerman on Haidt, the latter said that we have genetic predispositions to liberal or conservative. This article notes that may be so but that's not destiny, given the brain's plasticity. So genetic predisposition can be overcome with the right environmental support. Zimmerman sees that Haidt lacks a historical cultural context within which to frame it so lacks such insight in his flatland approach. And Zimmerman reiterates the point made here and other threads about ceding religion to the traditionalists.

Tesla auto:

Musk seems like a monied Republican trying to open up some major green space. Amen! Of course, I have no idea where he would say he sits on the political spectrum. 

Thanks for the clarification on Kenny! Am at the point where every little choice of choosing the lesser of two evils --so to speak-- is the way to go at the moment.  10% going green while everyone else pollutes, pollutes, pollutes , is a recipe for disaster. 7 billion people making as many small changes ASAP will be more effective, at least I think.

The Prophet, " why do you think that there are no good Republicans anymore?"

God replies, " they have deluded themselves into thinking that I want them to destroy my jewel".

I've been watching this classic and find the themes still quite relevant today:

This post is also relevant here.

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