It is with much ado that I change the name of my blog to “integral postmetaphysical enaction” but will keep the same address. The term nonduality is too limited and too attached to certain metaphysical schools of philosophy and religion. Yes, I can recontextualize the term, make it mean whatever I want, but the weight of its historical association is more than my miniscule influence can overcome. On the other hand the term enaction is within the historical context of recent developments in cognitive science yet applicable to all methodologies across the spectrum. Plus it specifically denotes the kind of nonduality in which I'm interested through continuity, both within an individual and between an individual with others and the environment. In AQALese, the integrated and inseparable relations between the one and the many, the inside and the outside. And all within a postmetaphysical, developmental trajectory that dynamically enacts a worldspace, not discovers a universal, given world. It also demonstrates the relation of action and theory, for it is my hope to inspire action in those who read these theoretical ramblings.


By the way, I did an internet search on those terms in  parentheses and again it is currently the only link on the web, another first.


Here is a good working definition of enaction from Enaction School 2010:


“The term enactive is used to identify a way of thinking about, and a set of methodologies for conducting, cognitive science. This approach to describing, explaining and investigating the mind emphasises the valued, meaningful interaction between a living agent and its environment. It emphasises the continuity between the basic processes of living (e.g. metabolism) and cognition. It recognises the autonomy of living systems and the way in which meaning, thought and experience emerge within the dynamic, skilful activity of the agent - the enaction of meaning, thought and experience.


“Standing in contrast to much of mainstream thinking within Cognitive Science, the enactive approach challenges many of the basic assumptions of extant theory. The body (including but not limited to the brain) is considered to have an integral role in the processes of the mind. Cognitive processes are seen as the means by which an agent adapts their behavior so as to maintain their values (in the simplest case, biological values such as continued existence but in more complex cases, social and cultural values come into play). The nature of such processes is considered to be dynamic and adaptive, rather than a set of structures that are universal and modular in character.”

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New facts in Fast and Furious expose conservative lies. And I haven't yet seen my unique take on their conspiracy theory in the reports.

The God Particle. You've no doubt heard the news about the boson discovery? This visual provided by Tim Morton sums it up for me.

A friend asked me about this yesterday which led to my improvising a rather clunky fairy tale to explain my feelings on the subject:  

Once upon a time it was decided that a couple of invisible dudes built the world out of their own bodies.  But sage voices intervening saying this was too difficult for a couple of invisible guys. After much pain-staking calculation it was decided that probably 12 guys were the minimum number who could have pulled it off.  

Later some idiot asked, "If 12 invisible guys made the world out of themselves -- why can we see anything at all?"  They denounced the question but it troubled them until Peter Higgs came up with a clever, commonsense solution.  "Well," he said, "these invisible guys have muck splattered on them.  Thus we can see them."  Amazing.  But where did the muck come from?  Probably, like all muck, it is spread out in a great lake of muck.  

Okay but how did it specifically get onto these 12 guys?  No doubt there must be a 13th invisible guy who always has muck on himself and periodically hugs those other guys... getting muck on them as well.  Brilliant!  But how to prove it?  They needed to find this additional guy.  

Calculating that he must live far enough away to hide out but close enough to keep showing up and hugging the 12 they began a thorough search of all regions meeting this description.  Finding nothing they decided to widen their search.  Still finding nothing they redid the calculation.  Nothing.  But they just kept looking until one day they found a little hut.  There was mud on the floor and warm soup on the table!  Someone mucky had just been here!  This HAS to be the place!

So they called a press conference to announce that 12 (-ish) invisible (-ish) guys (-ish) definitely created the whole world!  "And," the said seriously, "even if we're wrong -- we are right to think that we might be right and, frankly, we're all going to keep busy for the next few years picking over ever aspect of this mucky hut.  That's what it's really all about and... by the way... we'll need a few more million dollars for additional high energy explosions and supercomputers.  This hut's ass is ours!"

Haha, nice!  That's really funny.  And, like all good jokes, really close to the truth.

Enter the Dojo. A local radio program just made me aware of the You Tube series by that name. It's a satirical look at the commercialization of martial arts in America.

This is awesome.  To hell with pansy camping, I'm signing my kid up for this pronto.

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