Sometimes, we just love a certain piece of music but feel guilty about it; we know that we shouldn't, but just can't help it.  Trashy pop... worthless dance music... love songs that everyone loves to hate -- they come in many guises.  Whatever form it takes though, we consider it a sort of defect: why do we like this garbage?  What's wrong with us?!


Other times, we love music, even though we know others do not share that opinion.  In this case, however, we feel genuinely shocked that no one else can see the beauty that is just so obviously inherent in it.  When this happens, we consider the defect to be in them, not us.


Both sorts of guilty pleasure (but especially the latter)... the process fascinates me.  It demonstrates so clearly that we sometimes see reality so differently from other people.  Psychological and epistemological implications aside though, it's just fun to share our guilty pleasures with others.  Anyone want to do this here?  I suggest we only post examples of the second variety.  I'll start...


Jump, by Van Halen:


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I can dig it ;-)

Here's one: Dire Straits - Industrial Disease

This works when things seem AFU.

Thanks for the start, Infimitas


I don't feel guilty about my pleasure in Lady Gaga but that some can't see her genius is certainly their problem. This IPS thread on her makes my case.

Bad Romance.

Born this way. Deep postmetaphysics richere boy.
Hella Good, No Doubt.
I'm flooding with memories of my lost youth these days. Point of Know Return, Kansas.
This will change the mood too much, probably, but I admit I rather like this song.  (Tomorrow is the Dashain holiday -- one of the biggest holidays in Nepal -- so my wife and I have been listening to this... I can enjoy stuff like this with her, but with few others!)
New-wavey motownish pop with catchy melody and harmony, and I hear yearning and pain within its breeziness: Church of the Poison Mind.

Okay guys, enough of that spineless Culture Club BS and that Hindi crap.  Time for something with a fucking backbone... and bad hair.


Megadeth, Hangar 18



I liked it when I was a teenager, okay?  Stop looking at me like that....

Hey, that's Nepali crap, okay?


Here's a band I used to rock out to when I was a teen.

Here's some depressive post-punk that I remember really loving during the dark final years of high school.  I think it qualifies for this thread because most of my friends thought I was nuts for listening to this stuff.





Imfimitas: LOL! Nice cyberseeing you again, btw.

Balder, your phrase "depressive post-punk" brings the below Suicidal Tendencies song to mind. A kind of comical punk-metal-emo. I never bought their albums, but would turn them up when they were on the radio.

Something that might have benefited the dude in the above video:

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