This very popular post-nietzchean professor said he studied five years in Poona. He called Rajneesh the "Wittgenstein of religions" ranking him as one of the greatest figures of the 20th century. To him, Osho had performed a radical deconstruction of the word games played by the world's religions.

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Interesting.  I'd like to hear some examples.  I always had rather mixed feelings towards Rajneesh, but I recall an old Indian gardener and arborist that I used to know who worked at the Krishnamurti school in Rajghat, and he would frequently talk with great fondness about his days down in Poona, studying with Rajneesh.  I would sometimes see him dancing around or shaking off energy through the windows of his cabin -- it always made me smile, since he was on the surface a very quiet and dignified old Indian gentleman -- and through knowing him I warmed a little to Osho, though I guess not enough to seek out many of his books (beyond the couple I read back in the 90s.)

Yah I was surprised to hear that Slotij studied in Poona and was a Sannyasin for some years. But then why not. It was a sign of the times (in 1978) and Osho at least seemed to know his Guru-craftsmanship.


Besides, Oshos books and teachings are fairly known in Germany, his "dynamic meditation" is almost a standard tool in alternative therapeutic circles. I know at least three guys (and one girl) who at one time in their life were heavily influenced by Osho and then became therapists, doctors or psychologists.

Nice.  This thread is the first thing returned on my google search for sloterdijk + rajneesh.  Now I can kill myself in peace.

Cool -- to the former, not the latter.  (I hope the latter can wait for awhile!).  We've got a couple other threads on Slot here as well:  You Gotta Change Your Life and Spheres.

Integralism tends to locate its own history in Hegel & Aurobindo etc. (overtly systematic thinkers).  I tend to locate it equally in Nietzsche & Rajneesh (thinkers who actively worked against their own systematizing tendencies but who, nonetheless, have left the pieces of tomorrow's positive philosophy scattered through their writings and experiments. 

As for Slot I'm well-versed only in the old Critique of Cynical Reason and will move into these other threads as time permits...

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