A new song and video, inspired by the ongoing news out of Fukushima.

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In these melodic fragments I hear, overall, the act of asking. Something about the inflections of the brief phrasings is filled with what it is to turn, without answers, to the near side of a need to know, without yet knowing. That expression is very congruent with common initial reaction to tragedy, crisis, catastrophe. And you said that without a single word, per se. Beautifully moving. Vulnerability shot through with the power it does have: that before 'fight' or 'flight', a chance to live the question arises. To ask, without answer, yet. 

Beautifully said, Kerry.  You heard in this what I could not yet see, the composition still being so close to me -- still in the asking, I might say.  I don't consciously make these songs with the thought that you will hear them, brother Kerry, but whenever you do, I am always surprised by and grateful for the grace of your ear.

And one more song, a lighter one than the last:

The title is Indonesian for "Rama's Love."  I chose a "Ramayana" theme for the video and song title since I'm using instruments from India and Indonesia, and the Ramayana epic is a common thread between both cultures.

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