Has there been anything written, any threads here, any more broadly 'published' articles about the nature of forums that are 'successful'? What would successful mean generally?

I don't know the territory very well.

IMO, IPMS has been successful in various ways. ILC has also been, in different and similar ways.

What affects longevity; is longevity important?

What are the common earmarks, what are common and particular factors that may be contextually dependent.

Anyone know anything about this? Any more generally known factoids about forum continuity, morphings, endings?


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The panarchy lemniscate - nice Bruce and David - new words for me. Yes, finding the few universal-like patterns.

I agree, Bruce, we don't know what a local temporal condition means within a larger time frame. Nor do we know the significance of apparent smallness or low activity. And yes, I was also acknowledging the fb site as a burgeoning shroom or a rhizomal bursting through into a neighboring soil.

Though not thinking it through much, my first reflex is to think that a new packaging of the Ning site wouldn't be necessary or maybe even useful. It doesn't immediately jump out to me as high on the causative factor list. Yet . . .

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